I have officially changed my name

Yes, it’s true. If you have checked out my Vlog on YouTube today you have probably noticed a few changes. First off is the namechange of the channel itself. I have also changed the logo to reflect the my new name, and also gotten a new YouTube address. The old one was and the new address is
(It’s going to take a little while before the new internet address is working)

You are probably wondering WHY?

Well, it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I wanted a name that is not only a normal, usual name in many English speaking countries. But also a way of having a name that is also unique at the same time. So I was thinking for a long time how to get a unique but easy name to read and write. So I started thinking about my hobbies and interests. I couldn’t use Bob Motorcycle, or Bob Truck, or even Bob Gadget. Gadget would probably be cool though hahaha.

But here in Norway there are actually pretty strict rules to what names, and what kind of names you can use, and also how you can use them. Linux has been a hobby and interest of mine for many years. But I really didn’t expect that it would get approved. The middle name, according to the naming rules, has to be a name that is also approved as a last name in Norway. So I filled in the application form for a name change and entered Bob as my first name and Linux as my middle name. I kinda expected Bob to get approved since it is already a very common name.

But I DID NOT expect Linux to get approved as a middle name. Specially since Linux is a fork of Unix based operating systems. But I figured, what the heck. I sent in the application, and after about 3 or 4 days I got an email saying that the whole name change was approved.

So now my full, official, legal name is Bob Linux Olsen. I’ve done a little Googling and there is NOBODY in the world with that name. And I haven’t even been able to find anyone in the world with the name Linux either. So for a combination of a common and a unique name, I think I’ve hit the jackpot 🙂

So that’s the story about the name. You might be wondering if anything is going to change on the website or YouTube channel in relations to the name change. The answer is no. Both my website and my YouTube channel is going to move forward as normal. It’s just a name change. That’s it. I’m still the same wacky guy as always 🙂

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